Fig: 3 Amazing Reasons Why Bathing Essentials Godrej No.1 & Cinthol Are Popular: Brought to you by a Leading Personal Care Supplier in India

Bathing soaps are one of the most popular products in the world. They are a bathing essential used by most if not all consumers that walk into a supermarket. However, some bathing soap brands stay with us through the years, and for good reason.

So let us take a look at why Godrej No.1 and Cinthol have stayed popular over the years

  1. We Love a Good Bar of Soap
Fig: Reputed Personal Care Supplier

Even with the introduction of newer bathing products like liquid soaps and shower gels, many consumers still choose to pick up a bar of soap for daily use. Most consumers go for products that they are used to using and more comfortable with. Bar soaps such as Godrej No.1 and Cinthol offer no-fuss and are simple to use.

  1. Great Marketing by a Top Personal Care Supplier

When consumers show considerable interest in a product after an advertisement airs, the cause is great marketing. At times all it takes is an appearance from a local celebrity or targeting the right audience in an ad to get the customer’s attention. Before you know it, thousands of pieces have been sold.

  • Economic Pricing

Another reason why bath soaps are so popular is the affordable pricing compared to other types of soaps on the market today. They can be bought at a low cost as well as used by people all over the world without going through any problems with functionality.

These two popular bar soap brands have been around for decades making them household names. Now, we can have a better understanding of why branded soaps such as Godrej No.1 and Cinthol brought by your local personal care supplier have become household names for consumers all over the country.