Fig: Get to know the chocolate brands brought to you by the best FMCG exporters in India. Also know about Cadbury Bournvita India and snickers chocolate price in India

Chocolate has come a long way, from the lush depths of the Amazon rainforest to the chocolate bars in your shopping basket. Over the years, different kinds of foods and beverages have been developed from the famous cacao beans to the modern-day chocolate form we see today in online stores and supermarkets.

So let us take a look at two of the most popular chocolate brands brought to you by FMCG exporters in India:


The chocolate bar brand, Snickers is manufactured by Mars, Incorporated. It was first created in the year 1930, and it is available in different types. Each Snickers chocolate bar includes nougat, peanut, and caramel with a chocolate coating over it. You can get to know the Snickers chocolate price in India by checking out any local retail shop.

Cadbury Bournvita India

Fig: Cadbury Bournvita India, one of the famous products of FMCG exporters in India

Cadbury Bournvita is one of the most famous products FMCG exporters in India brought to you by Mondelez International. It was originally introduced in 1948 and is known for its high nutritional value as well as its taste. Cadbury Bournvita India offers two variants – a chocolate one as well as a chocolate caramel version.

The chocolate industry is no longer just about a sweet treat. Finding brands that deliver on quality is important to both businesses and consumers alike. These are just two of the most well-known chocolate products brought to you by FMCG exporters around the world.