Hamburg / Frankfurt – New ice cream range under Ferrero’s chocolate brand KIDS will be launched in 2018.

Logos Ferrero and Unilever
Ferrero and Unilever are pleased to announce a collaboration agreement in which both companies will launch a new range of ice creams under Ferrero’s chocolate brand KIDS.

The collaboration combines Ferrero’s uniqueness and creativity with Unilever’s extensive expertise in the ice cream category.

The new assortment unites KINDER, the worldwide popular chocolate brand, and Unilever’s innovation, know-how and many years of market experience. The ice cream market will be enriched with an exciting brand whose product experience will be developed in close cooperation between the two companies.

KINDER ice cream is manufactured to the highest quality standards and contains all the ingredients that make KINDER chocolate so distinctive. The new range will be launched in 2018, initially in France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.